YCP San Diego to Launch Membership!

The San Diego chapter of Young Catholic Professionals is excited to announce the launch of Membership which will be taking place this coming Tuesday at our Executive Speaker Series event. What is membership? What do I get from becoming a part of YCP? Read on for more information.

What is YCP Membership?
In a word, dedication. YCP membership signifies that you’re serious about your Catholic Faith and your professional development. It provides you with access to valuable knowledge, networks and resources that help you improve and advance.

The Merit of YCP Membership.
YCP membership is more than just a way to meet like-minded people – it’s an open invitation to enhance your YCP experience through member-only opportunities, executive mentorship, exclusive discounts, free access to all of our panel discussions hosted throughout the entire year, and much more!

YCP membership is a great value!
YCP membership pays for itself when you take advantage of just one of our many benefits. When you become a member, you enter a network of hundreds of young professionals who form lifelong bonds, honor their commitment to Faith and promote courage and integrity in all areas of their lives.

Invest in your success. Become a YCP member.

Join today and start enjoying the many valuable benefits offered to YCP Members. While standing with 100's of your peers in promoting faith in the public square, you’ll have exclusive access to our executive mentors, spiritual directors, member-only programs and opportunities, discounts on merchandise, annual gala dinners, and pilgrimages, and valuable career and faith support.

About Your YCP Membership.
Member benefits are exclusive programs that help develop the professional, social, and spiritual lives of our ministry’s most committed supporters. Members gain valuable access to YCP’s network of members nationwide in addition to the benefits provided within their city.

YCP Member Community.

YCP Membership is the chance to join a vibrant, supportive, helpful community of like-minded young Catholics and seasoned executives from across the country.

In addition to the great events you already enjoy, YCP's *NEW* National Member benefits feature the chance to be part of a vibrant, supportive, helpful community of like-minded young Catholics and seasoned executives.

YCP's NEW National Member Benefits:

  • Executive Mentorship. Did you know 1 meeting alone could cost $350/hr on the open market?
  • Member Exclusive Panel Discussions on Virtues.  Enjoy free wine & appetizers and more exclusive access to panelists. Members pay $0 to attend while Non-members pay $20 to attend.
  • A dedicated Career Counselor. Did you know 1 meeting alone could cost $75-100/hr, but for YCP members this is FREE!
  • Exclusive Opportunities. Enjoy formal dinner invites, discounted conferences, unique service projects and more afforded exclusively to YCP members!
  • Spiritual Direction.  Receive guidance from a team of dedicated religious who know the challenges of our generation.
  • A Job Portal with postings for exclusive positions all over the country, in both secular and non-secular industries.
  • Free member T-shirt!
  • Discounted YCP Merchandise for members from our up-and-coming online shop.
  • A Membership Directory so that you can connect with other members across the country and avail of a Catholic dentist, CPA, or tailor!  The opportunities are endless!

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