Testimonials from YCPers

Young Catholic Professionals of San Diego is celebrating its second birthday and with that we would like to share with you the experiences of a few of our members what YCP means to them.

Sylvia Rojas - 

“Hearing Chris Donnelly speak at the YCP event took my faith life to the next level. YCP events have brought a new sense of hope and faith life, something I have been craving and missing for some years. Since then, I have gained new mentors and a heart full of hope.”

Amelia Victoria - 

"It was heart warming and very inspirational to speak with Karen Conde, I was going through a life changing moment in my life and Karen was able to relate and guide me through my professionally and spiritually. It was really nice to speak with a woman who has been able to be successful in her career and stays strong in her faith in God, and has been blessed to be a proud mother of her loving son, who is also strong in his faith. I am very happy to be a part of the YCP family and strengthen my faith with God."

Joseph Saad - 

"It's hard to get involved with new social circles and make new friends at 28.  But YCP is the answer! At every event I meet great people and learn new things about life and my faith.  The last panel series on Humility opened my eyes and had me reexamining my life and the choices I make.  YCP is effective in connecting me professionally and socially with like-minded people."



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