Sharing the (Good) News

We were so glad to host Marie Coronel, a reporter and anchor for ABC 10NEWS, at our last event. She gave a riveting talk about the importance of her family, finding a home in the Catholic church, and connecting a passion for Christ with other passions in your life. Her key takeaways are below!

Key Takeaways from Marie Coronel:

  1. We don't stop being Catholic when we leave the house or are done praying. We are Catholic from Baptism—it doesn't turn off!
  2. There is a ton of love available to you in the Catholic Church. If you're scared, nervous, or anxious, pray to Mother Mary—she will give you strength.
  3. Part of the beauty of the Mass is that it's the same all over the world. You may not understand the language it's in, but once you're there, you're home.
  4. Never take yourself too seriously. Enjoy life and share the joy of the Gospel!

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