Remember the Multiplier Effect

Last week at YCP San Diego's March Executive Speaker Series event, San Diego District Attorney Summer Stephan gave a talk about her faith and career journeys. Summer has an inspiring story—she's dedicated her life to dismantling human trafficking rings and fighting injustice wherever she sees it. Summer's philosophy can be summed up as simply as, "when you think of an action, just do it!"

Key Takeaways from Summer Stephan:

    1. Focus on completing every step along the way—build a strong foundation!
    2. Remember the Multiplier Effect! All of our strength together equals an army. Small actions with passion and heart translate into a massive impact.
    3. Take the big first step towards something you've been dreaming of by Easter.
    4. Never forget about your family.
    5. Incorporate your faith into your daily habits, like praying before you eat.

We hope you enjoyed Summer Stephan's talk, and that you found something that you could take and use in your own career—we know we did. Check out our calendar of events to make sure you don't miss any of our upcoming events!

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  • Clare Oven