Learning from Life Experiences

Dr. Mary Lyons, the President Emerita of USD gave a talk last week on the value of relationships, learning from life experiences, and the importance of being open to new opportunities. She left us with a lot to think about—her key takeaways are below.

  1. There's never an opportunity that can't be turned into a teachable moment.
  2. Relationships are extremely important—Don't be afraid to ask for help! Life experiences aren't always sufficient—we need someone.
  3. Distinguish yourself through communication, both written and oral.
  4. Read good literature. It will help you interpret life experiences in the light of faith.
  5. Your faith should embrace every aspect of your life. Accept this responsibility and embrace it!

We hope you enjoyed Dr. Mary Lyon's talk, and that you found something that you could take and use in your own career—we know we did. Hopefully we'll see you for our Quarterly Happy Hour at 32 North Brewing Co. on April 24!

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