Faith in Action

At our May Executive Speaker Series, Ralph Rubio, the founder of Rubio's Coastal Grill, came by to give us a Q and A session about his faith life, owning his own business, and how he shares his faith through his actions. It was a great event—and Ralph's key takeaways are below!

Key Takeaways from Ralph Rubio:

    1. Share your faith through your actions, not necessarily words! Reveal the Holy Spirit by how you behave and treat others.
    2. The most important quality to have is integrity.
    3. Do what you can to connect with others who aren't in the Catholic church, often by modeling genuine spiritual Catholic behavior.
    4. When you hire people, hire the best! Don't skimp—surround yourself with the best people that you can afford.
    5. Constantly work to improve yourself—don't be lazy! Invest in a good business education, and work to differentiate yourself from everyone else. You are your best asset!

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